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Self-Loving Awareness—Prevention of Suicide

Twelve Reasons Not to Commit Suicide

By H.E. Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche


All beings want happiness and do not want suffering; therefore, you should love yourself and all beings equally. I have heard there are over one million people who take their own lives each year, not including an estimated 10 to 20 million non-fatal attempted suicides every year worldwide. The World Health Organization estimates that suicide is the thirteenth-leading cause of death worldwide and is a leading cause of death among teenagers and adults under 35.

For these reasons, I want to give some heartfelt advice on the importance of protecting human life. I also wish to show how harmful suicide is, and to share some valuable methods for preventing suicidal thoughts.

The following message is not necessarily addressing just one person, but rather for various kinds of people who have different problems.

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee that this message will benefit those who are on the brink of actually committing suicide.

This message is primarily aimed at preventing suicidal thoughts from arising or becoming stronger. My main goal is to destroy the wrong views and misconceptions that stem from negative thinking and cultural, philosophical, or religious beliefs that glorify suicide.

If you have the strong negative thinking that you really want to kill yourself, you should immediately calm down and pray to Buddha or your higher power. Deeply breathe fresh air and drink a lot of pure water. You must talk to your loved ones or call a suicide hotline. Do not hide your thoughts of suicide. Everybody needs help sometimes. Now is the time to ask for help!

Everyone experiences difficult times in their lives. Undergoing difficulties does not mean you need to kill yourself. You will overcome these challenges. Never, ever think you are absolutely bad because your nature is primordially Awakened Omniscience, Buddha.

Suffering is impermanent. If you improve your thinking, it is guaranteed that your circumstances will change for the better.

Please do not give up. If you do not give up hope, you will always find great help.

If you are feeling badly about yourself today, then do not download and read the rest of this document now. You should immediately calm down and pray to Buddha. Deeply breathe fresh air, drink pure water, then you must talk to your loved ones. Please do not give up. If you do not give up hope, you will always find great help.

Some resources about suicide can be found here: www.save.org
Each country has their own suicide prevention organizations. Please contact yours.

Download and read the full eight-page PDF of
Self-Loving Awareness—Prevention of Suicide: Twelve Reasons Not to Commit Suicide



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