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Issue 28 ~ June 12, 2012


  1. Register NOW for the 2012 Dzogchen Summer Retreat
  2. Registration Is Still Open for the 2012 Buddha Path Retreat & Internship
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“The way of enlightenment can be traveled with a fraction of the effort required to survive endless suffering in Samsara.”
~ Ways of Enlightenment, Dharma Publishing, 1993

Summer Events at the Dzogchen Retreat Center

The Mandala Garden

The Mandala Garden, April 2012. Photo by Bhadra

We are pleased to announce and remind everyone to join us for summer events at the Dzogchen Retreat Center. Please mark your calendars, and better yet, go online and register, as space is quickly filling up.

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Register NOW for
the 2012 Dzogchen Summer Retreat

Sunday, July 1st – Sunday, July 8th, 2012

A Retreat with Upasaka Bodhisattva Hazlitt Krog

Please join us for the Dzogchen Lineage Summer Retreat at the beautiful Dzogchen Retreat Center near Eugene. The curriculum includes in-depth teachings on Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche’s practice text, The Buddha Path, with a special emphasis on the musical aspects of practice, including performing as a group, chanting, mantra recitation, playing instruments, and composing. We will also be performing virtuous Dharma activities celebrating both the Fourth of July and the birthday of His Holiness The Dalai Lama.

Hazlitt Krog with his electric guitar

Hazlitt in the Dzogchen Mandala Shrine at the DRC.

About Hazlitt Krog

Hazlitt (Pema Bhadra Dorje) is an authorized Dharma Teacher under the guidance of Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche. Hazlitt has studied with Rinpoche for ten years, accumulating over 25 residential retreats and three long-term internships all within the Dzogchen Lineage. Beginning in October, 2009, Hazlitt embarked on a North American teaching tour, covering 25,000 miles and giving over 320 public teachings. Hazlitt is also a singer-songwriter who composes and performs Dharma-inspired music.

Special Offer

If you are attending both the Summer Retreat and the One-Month Buddha Path Retreat, $100 of your Summer Retreat fee will be applied towards your Buddha Path Retreat fee.

The 2012 Summer Retreat is less than three weeks away; please register now:


For more information, please contact:

Rikkianne Cox, Summer Retreat Director
Phone: 541-220-6178

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Registration Is Still Open for
2012 Buddha Path Retreat & Internship

A Rare Retreat Opportunity With Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche

Khen Rinpoche in Taiwan, April 2012

Khen Rinpoche in Taiwan, April 2012. Photo by Xiao Guai

One-Month Buddha Path Retreat

July 21 – August 24, 2012

The first month of the Internship is also the 2012 Buddha Path Retreat (for Chinese and English Speakers) a multi-national gathering of the International students of Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche. It is recommended that those who attend this one-month program be either those who have already attended at least one seasonal retreat within the Dzogchen Lineage, potentially the Summer Retreat referenced above; or, those able to be tutored by a graduate of a prior Internship, who can help you prepare.

For more information on the One-Month Buddha Path Retreat, including retreat fees and other details that are specific to our Chinese-speaking Sangha, please contact:

Tayuan Lee, 2012 One-Month Buddha Path Retreat Director
Phone: 604-271-6635

Three-Month Internship (with One-Month Option)

July 21 – October 26, 2012

The full three-month program is intended only for graduates of prior Dzogchen Lineage Internships. This internship is intended for those who sincerely want to become Dzogchen Lineage teachers, benefit others, and realize wisdom and compassion in this lifetime. It is for students who have faith in the Dzogchen Lineage, and who understand that progress in Dharma, the root of happiness, requires comprehensive training and continuous diligence in the three techniques: learning, contemplation, and meditation.

For more information on the Three-Month Internship, please contact:

Dr. Shannon Young, 2012 Internship Director
Phone: 208-447-8501

Follow the Dzogchen Internship Program on Facebook:

Apply Online

To apply online for either the one-month Buddha Path Retreat or the three-month Internship program, visit:


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Support the Dzogchen Weekend Work Retreats

Help Improve and Maintain the Dzogchen Retreat Center
with Your Time or Donations

Dharma teaching at the Varanasi meadow, April 2012

Erik Jung teaching at the Varanasi meadow, April 2012. Photo by Anatoly Petrenko.

We have two remaining weekend work retreats centered on service to the Sangha. Please join us for one or more days of joyful work, group practice, dharma discussions with graduates of past Internships, and more at the Dzogchen Retreat Center USA.

June 22–25, 2012 ~ Topic: Love

July 13–16, 2012 ~ Topic: Joy

Besides these two weekends, you are also encouraged to volunteer anytime at the DRC, especially during the next six weeks prior to the start of the Internship on July 21st. Contact us at the email or phone below to arrange your private volunteer retreat.

We are in particular need of people with trade skills such as carpentry, but we can use the help of volunteers of all skill levels. There are many jobs to do here including cleaning buidlings, gardening, and yard work that don't require much training in order for you to make a great contribution.

Find out more at:

If you're not able to come to the DRC as a volunteer, you can still support us remotely by engaging in acts of generous giving. We need financial support for the completion of the shrine, improvements to the mandala stations, and the scholarship fund to support our full-time volunteers. Find out more and donate online at:


Dzogchen Retreat Center


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