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Issue 23 ~ December 8, 2011


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  2. Announcing the Buddha Path Editing Conference and Dzogchen Winter Retreat
  3. Announcing the Dzogchen Lineage Library
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“Your karma is the power of your thinking. Your karma is the imprint of your past thoughts. Your positive thinking creates your positive karma, decreases your negative karma, ripens as your pleasant phenomena, and is a condition of others’ happiness. Your negative thinking creates your negative karma, decreases your positive karma, ripens as your unpleasant phenomena, and is a condition of others’ suffering. Your karma is the infallible justice system of your relative truth.”

~ Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche

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Join Us For
The Buddha Path Editing Conference
And 2112 Dzogchen Winter Retreat!

At the Dzogchen Retreat Center, January 3–18, 2012

Don't miss this historic opportunity to contribute to a book that will help all beings for all time!

The Dzogchen Shri Singha Foundation is pleased to announce the Buddha Path Editing Conference and 9th Annual Dzogchen Winter Retreat will take place at the Dzogchen Retreat Center in Western Oregon.

During the 2011 Dzogchen Internship and Buddha Path Retreat. Photo by Bhadra.

During the 2011 Dzogchen Internship and Buddha Path Retreat. Photos by Bhadra.

This year's retreat will be exclusively focused on the editing and practice of the 3rd Edition of The Buddha Path by Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche. By participating in the completion of this landmark practice text, you'll be helping countless others. The Buddha Path is a concise English language summary of all of Buddha's teachings and has been translated into several languages including, Chinese and Russian.

The 2nd Edition, first printed in 2004, includes Sutrayana, Mahayana, and Vajrayana views and practices. Dzogchen is often translated as "the great perfection," but can also be translated as "the great inclusion," meaning that the Dzogchen tradition includes and perpetuates all of Buddha Shakyamuni's teachings. The 3rd Edition has been under development for several years and includes many profound additions to make it even more comprehensive than before.

This two-week retreat will start at 3 pm on Tuesday, January 3rd and will conclude Wednesday, January 18th at 3 pm.

If you have helped edit The Buddha Path in the past, then you are encouraged to apply to attend. The low retreat fees are structured to encourage Bodhisattva graduates of Dzogchen Lineage Internships to participate.

To learn more and register, please visit the Buddha Path Editing Conference Registration Site.


Hazlitt Krog, Retreat Director
Tel: 619-817-8255

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Announcing The Dzogchen Lineage Library

Please Return and Donate Library Materials

Ani Dechok Tso has volunteered to be the librarian of our growing Dharma library. A recent inventory has our library at over 400 volumes. Ani's first task is to fully catalog the collection. To properly do so, she requests that any books borrowed from the library at the DRC be returned as soon as possible this month.

Part of the Dzogchen Lineage Library. Photo by Bhadra.

Ani Dechok Tso, Librarian, Dzogchen Lineage Library. Photo by Bhadra.

Books or videos can be shipped to:

4325 Commerce Street, Suite 111-442,
Eugene, OR 97402

Materials can also be dropped off at the Dzogchen Retreat Center library, or delivered to Ani in Eugene at 2075 Floral Hill Drive in Hendricks Park. Ani is creating a check-out system and hoping to expand the size and use of our library. It would be greatly appreciated if you have Dharma books or other useful or inspiring materials that you would like to contribute. Additionally, if you or anyone you know in the Sangha has experience as a librarian, Ani would love to seek out expert advice.


Ani Dechok Tso


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About Us

The Dzogchen Lineage News is an occasional email newsletter from DSSF, the Dzogchen Lineage’s North American organization:

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The volunteer staff of this issue of the Dzogchen Lineage News include:

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Sean David Young, Principle Writer / Editor
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Ani Dechok Tso, Contributor
...and other contributors as may or may not be mentioned above in the newsletter. Thank you everyone for your contributions!

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