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Special Announcement – September 1, 2010

Dear Sangha,

As the Director of the 2010 Dzogchen Lineage Internship, I am writing on behalf of a retreatant who is seeking support to remain in the Internship retreat for the next three months, the second half of this six-month retreat. Upasaka Bodhisattva Zhenya is the only member of our Russian Sangha who has had the good fortune to attend all three internships with our precious teacher Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche. Because the teachings this year are building upon those that came in the past, it would greatly benefit Khenpo’s Russian students if Zhenya could stay on to receive the entire set of teachings.

Upasaka Bodhisattva Zhenya

Seated next to His Eminence Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche (R),
Upasaka Bodhisattva Zhenya (L) is shown giving a teaching to the class of 2008,
the first Dzogchen Lineage Internship, at the Dzogchen Retreat Center USA.

You can view a short YouTube video of Khenpo Rinpoche introducing Zhenya and requesting that he give Dharma teachings to Russians.

Everyone in this year's retreat feels that it will be most beneficial if Zhenya can stay for the duration of this program. In this way, the complete set of Dzogchen Lineage Internship teachings can be transmitted back to Russia. The Russian Sangha generously donated the funds which allowed Zhenya to travel to America to study with Khenpo, including the fees for the first three months of this internship.

Recently, we've received pledges of about $1,500 of the $3,000 needed to pay for Zhenya to complete the entire six-month retreat. Now, we are seeking the balance of $1,500.

Please pledge to contribute whatever amount you are able to, with the understanding that this generosity is benefiting all beings in all universes. May we all remember that generosity is the root of wealth!

Please respond to me at with your pledge. Thank you for your support.

Erik Jung
2010 Dzogchen Lineage
Internship Director

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