Southbound Directions to Dzogchen Retreat Center

(driving southbound on Interstate 5 coming from northern Oregon)

PLEASE NOTE: ALL roads in these directions are paved. If you turn onto a gravel road other than the DRC driveway, you need to backtrack and get back on the paved road.

Here are some additional details starting from step 6 above.

6. Veer RIGHT onto Siuslaw River Road. Go 1.8 miles.

There are several road signs marking the intersection of Wolf Creek Road and Siuslaw River Road. Continue 1.8 miles to the next intersection. Two landmarks in this 1.8 mile stretch are the Sheriff Department's Work Camp (marked as Alma on some road maps) and a quarter mile after the Work Camp you'll see a 10 foot by 10 foot wooden road map sign directly in front of you in the middle of the next Y intersection in the road.

7. Veer RIGHT to remain on Siuslaw River Road. Go 2.7 miles.

During this 2.7 mile stretch you will immediately cross a one-lane bridge / culvert. Continue on the paved road until you see the DRC entrance with a 20 foot high entrance gate on your right. You will note two smaller gates with prayer flags on the left side of the road. The sale will be happening in the small meadow along the road on the left side.

Calling the DRC

If you get lost and need directions, cell phones do not work at or in the area for several miles around the DRC. The closest potential cell reception is at the "mile 9 marker" (at the crest of Timber Ridge) along Wolf Creek Road. Sprint and some other cellular services work intermittently there. Cingular does not. That spot is roughly an 8 mile or 15 minute drive from the property. If you can't get reception there, you may need to drive to Territorial Highway in Lorraine or Crow.

There is one number that rings at the DRC which you can try: 619-817-8255 - Dzogchen Gonpa's Main number