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Issue 02 – February 2, 2008 Update and News Flash


  1. Update
  2. Sangha Unity Message – Feb 10 deadline for contributions
  3. Losar Celebration and Volunteer Work Weekend – Feb 8, 9 and 10
  4. Support a Special DRC Project – Dzambhala Kitchen Project
  5. Spring Retreat Registration Now Open – Apr 20 to 27, 2008
  6. Local Sangha News: Longchenpa Anniversary Fire Puja photos


We have a few important updates since our last newsletter on January 25th. Please take a moment to read the important Sangha Unity Message below from Susie. If you can come help out and celebrate on Losar weekend at the DRC, please RSVP below. We corrected the link for the Dzogchen Spring Retreat so that you can click through below to register. We’ve also started a Local Sangha News section, with the first submission an account of the Longchenpa Anniversary Fire Puja in Idaho. Local sanghas are encouraged to submit news items and photos for future newsletters so that we can be inspired by each other’s Dharma activities. 

You can find this newsletter and previous issues online at the Dzogchen Lineage website.

Sangha Unity Message

Hello Sangha,

I am writing you on behalf of the Pilgrimage Committee and also as the chair of a new committee that has been formed called the Sangha Unity Committee. It is our goal to include as many people in our Sangha to participate in the Pilgrimage to Buddha’s holy sites. Your donation is a precious opportunity to use our collective energy to make offerings at these holy sites to fulfill the aspirations of both our teacher Khenpo Choga Rinpoche and our Sangha to have the Buddha's teachings flourish in the West and all over the world. You may also include any personal aspirations you may have with your offering. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Time is of the essence since I must receive all the offerings by February 10th. You can mail them to me personally at the address below or give them to your Sangha representative at Sunday practice. As the chair of the Sangha Unity Committee I welcome any feedback you may have that can help build and make our Sangha stronger and more cohesive. Thank you for your support and may all of your positive aspirations be fulfilled.

Susan Croxton
10307 SE 99th Drive
Portland, OR 97086

Losar Celebration and Volunteer Work Weekend

Friday, February 8 through Sunday, February 10

We’ll be having a Losar Celebration on the evening of Saturday, February 9th and the rest of the weekend we’ll be collaborating on making progress on some of the ongoing projects at the Dzogchen Retreat Center including the Mandala Garden Project and the Tech Department Project.

During the last work weekend significant progress was made on the Mandala Garden Project. The large oval gravel walkway was marked and laid down. Three of the gravel pads for the Mandala Shrines were completed. Please come and help us out. There will be some good physical labor, but if you can’t work in the field, please come help with the feeding and support side of the work party. There is lots to do and we’ll have a great time doing it.

Erik says, “We need as much help over this weekend as we can get. This is our last opportunity to come together in a big group and get the gravel pads laid out before the sheds start to arrive. If we fail to get the pads in by the end of the 10th, we run the risk of losing the incredible price we contracted for the sheds. All of the sheds need to be delivered and installed on the pads before the end of February. After the sheds are in, we will have several months to get them all ready before the 6 Month Retreat starts.”

“So this is it – our big pre-installation push! Your assistance is encouraged and very much needed to help move us forward. Hearty meals and heated overnight accommodations are available during your visit. Bring a sleeping bag, warm and waterproof things to wear and an appetite for fresh air. Hope to see you all there – I deeply rejoice in all of your Dharma activities!”

Mandala Garden Project

[the Mandala Garden right after the central pole was erected on January 27 and a winter storm covered everything with snow]

Keep in mind that there will be a Losar Celebration (Tibetan new year party) at the Dzogchen Retreat Center on Saturday, February 9th starting at 6 PM and going all evening. For those who stay over Saturday, or who can’t make it until Sunday, we’ll hold group practice together at about 11 AM on Sunday morning.

Please RSVP by February 6th with your estimated arrival and departure times. There will be food, group practice, music and dancing. Please come rejoice in the year of the Earth Mouse with your Sangha friends.

Please RSVP to: Erik Jung,, 503-998-8088 OR Susan Lanker, OR John Sullard,

Support a Special DRC Project

In the last newsletter we forgot to mention one of the very special ongoing projects at the Dzogchen Retreat Center that needs your support:

Dzambhala Kitchen Project

The Washington State Dzogchen Sangha, coordinated by the Port Townsend Sangha is taking the lead on this effort to make improvements to the kitchen in the old cabin including fund raising for a replacement gas range. Marty Johnson, from the Port Townsend Sangha received word this week that the people with the Wolfe Range are still holding it for us. $2,000 in donations plus expenses for its transportation to DRC must be raised as soon as possible. The Dzambhala Kitchen Project is nearly complete. More volunteer help is needed for shelving and to complete the painting of the kitchen. Suggestions, donations and fun with the Tibetan style painting of the kitchen is in progress. If mailing in a check, please note in the memo field that it is for the "kitchen project." Let us know how you can help.
For details contact: Robert Lapham,, 360-774-0415

Spring Retreat Registration Now Open

Sunday, April 20th, 2008 through Sunday, April 27th, 2008

CORRECTION: In the last newsletter we had an incorrect link to register for the 4th Annual Dzogchen Spring Retreat with Teachings on The Six Bardo Instructions by Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche. Here is the corrected link:

Register now at:

For more information, please contact: Hazlitt, Spring Retreat Director, 4I5-846-36I8,

Local Sangha News

Longchenpa Anniversary Fire Puja
Boise Sangha Holds Celebration and Practice

Braving freezing temperatures, the Boise area Sangha and friends gathered for an auspicious fire puja at George Gledhill's home in Payette, Idaho on Friday evening, January 25, 2008. The fire puja commemorated the 700th Anniversary of Longchenpa's Parinirvana. Longchenpa is a highly venerated scholar and yogi in the Nyingma tradition and Dzogchen Lineage. The fire puja was a success with about 10 participants. The evening's events unfolded with a dinner and then the fire puja with generous offerings. It concluded with spontaneous group readings from the Drupta Dzo, one of Longhenpa's seven treasuries, and Buddha Path Dharmapala offerings and concluding practice.

Longchenpa Anniversary Fire Puja

[the January 25th fire puja in action on George's farm]

Several years ago, George built a 6' deep fire puja pit lined with fire brick and whenever Khenpo Choga Rinpoche has passed through town, the Boise sangha has hosted fire pujas lead at George's farm. The special venting design of the fire pit allows for spectacular fire pujas with flames leaping 20 feet above ground and higher.

-- Written by Sean Young, photo from George Gledhill.

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