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We invite you to contribute

Dear Kind-hearted One,

I am writing to announce that the Dzogchen Shri Singha Foundation is establishing the Circle of Compassion. This program is designed to help establish world peace by creating auspicious conditions for the unchangeable happiness of all sentient beings.

Everyone wants world peace. But what are the concrete steps necessary to establish world peace? The Dzogchen teachings have the answer. The Dzogchen Wisdom tradition offers specific methods for turning jealousy and anger into cooperation and compassion. Through this unbroken lineage of living masters, from Buddha Shakyamuni to the present day, these time tested techniques shift the roots of violence, which are anger and jealousy, into the roots of peace, which are compassion and wisdom. Your precious generosity will help to establish a home for the teachings of the Dzogchen Lineage in the United States.  This will start a chain reaction of loving kindness that will bring peace to your neighborhood, peace to your city, peace to your country, and ultimately peace to the world.

According to Dzogchen teachings, all beings are inseparably related. For this reason we all need to help one another. When one person has a problem, it is everyone’s problem. When individuals solve their own problems, they immediately benefit all other beings. Generosity is an open and giving mind. Buddha teaches that generosity is the very first step of Dharma practice. Generorsity towards others increases our own inner happiness. Without generosity, it is impossible to spread peace and happiness further in our society.

I invite you to join the Circle of Compassion and make a contribution to the Dzogchen Shri Singha Foundation. Through the kind generosity of financial partners like you, we can preserve the Dzogchen Lineage for the sake of world peace.

We thank you and rejoice in your generosity. Your contributions are essential to spread peace and happiness exponentially throughout the entire world.

Warm Regards,

Shannon Young
Fundraising Committee Chair
Dzogchen Shri Singha Foundation USA






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