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We invite you to contribute

We invite you to join the Circle of Compassion by making a pledge to the Dzogchen Shri Singha Foundation. Through your kind generosity, you are helping to preserve the Dzogchen Lineage for the sake of world peace. Your participation is spreading peace and happiness exponentially throughout the entire world.

To make a pledge, click the Donate Now button. Enter the amount you wish to contribute and choose either the one-time donation or monthly recurring donation option.

Circle of Compassion Levels

We invite and encourage all kind-hearted people to join the Circle of Compassion. Your contributions are tax deductible.

  1. Dzogchen Generosity
    ($1/day; $30/month; $365/year)
  1. Dzogchen Sangha
    ($1.50/day; $45/month; $540/year)
  1. Dzogchen Sponsor
    ($2 or more per day; $60 or more per month; $730 or more per year)
  1. Dzogchen Patron
    (10% of annual income)

Additional Levels

  1. Dzogchen Child (ages 0-12)
    ($1/month; $12/year)
  1. Dzogchen Teen (ages 13-19)
    ($12/month; $144/year)
  1. Dzogchen Senior (ages 70+)
    ($20/month; $240/year)
  1. Dzogchen Animal
    ($1/month; $12/year)


Your contribution will spread
peace and happiness
exponentially throughout the world.
Only your kind generosity
can make this possible.

We thank you and rejoice
in your membership in the
Circle of Compassion.

World peace always.
Always world peace.






Copyright 2005