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Chapter 1

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In response to a request from the Dzogchen Sangha to Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche in the Spring of 2004 that the Sangha begin study sessions on a selected text, Rinpocheo suggested that we should study Shantideva's classic Mahayana Buddhist text, the Bodhisattvacaryavatara (BCA), or "Entering Into the Conduct of the Bodhisattva." 


We are most fortunate to have a teacher who is a world expert on this text, and who has taught extensively on it.  Again, we are most fortunate that through the work of Andreas Kretschmar and others, there is a wealth of materials freely available in English for this text. 


Following Rinpoche's suggestion, we have begun to assemble and organize BCA materials into a curriculum that can be used in local Dharma Centers. This is an ongoing effort in a project that will probably require many years to complete, and the format and materials presented here represent the current state of this work.


For more information on the background of the Dharma Path materials, see the Dharma Path main page, on the Dzogchen Lineage website.


BCA Chapter 1 Study Materials Download Page

For those who would like to start or join a Dharma Path study session, the required materials are available as follows:

(zip utility & pdf reader required to view these files)


1.  Andreas Kretshmar's English language Translation of BCA root verses (Chs. 1-5) .

2.  Dharma Path Verse-by-Verse breakdown of BCA Chapter 1 text verses 1-36.


3.  Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche's extensive Commentary on Khenpo Kunpal's       commentary on the BCA, and on the BCA in general.

4.  A proposed Class Format for studying the Dharma Path.

A list of Ten Questions to be addressed for each stanza of
      the BCA at each Dharma Path class session.

6.  A Formal Outline of the BCA Commentary, to be used in answering Question #1 of      the ten questions.

To download these documents click on each link above, or click the following link for a one-time consolidated "Zipped" version of these six documents together.


Dharma Path BCA Ch. 1 Study Pack Download (zip file 2.4 M)




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