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Inauguration of Rebuilt Dzogchen School

August 2005 Opening Ceremony in the Holy Dzogchen Area, Tibet

Thanks largely to the constant efforts of Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche, Arik Gyatrul Rinpoche, Shoman Maretich, and the generosity of the worldwide Dzogchen Dharma community, the first stage of the rebuilding and refurbishment of Dzogchen elementary school has been completed, and what was a "temporary" school within a dilapidated military structure has been transformed into a real school with seven classrooms, an administrative office and teachers' housing. We should all celebrate with our children the inauguration of this school, and rejoice in the generosity of all who have helped to make this a reality. Many tasks still lie ahead.

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Photos of the School Inauguration Ceremony

New Dzogchen Elementary School Building

All local people are very grateful and appreciative for having the
Dzogchen Elementary School in the Holy Dzogchen Area.

High Lamas of Dzogchen Monasteries and Dhege County and
local leaders giving speeches celebrating this great event.

Children joyfully demonstrating plays, dramas, yoga exercises, and traditional Tibetan Dancing.

View of the completed construction of the school building.
All architecture and art is based on traditional Tibetan culture.

Arik Gyatrul Rinpoche, brother Khenpo Choga Rinpoche, on far left.

Honored guests and thousands of local Tibetan people enthusiastically gather for the opening ceremony.

Tibetan singerTibetan singer
Many famous Tibetan singers offering songs for the celebration.

View from Dzogchen Elementary School.
This area is a naturally beautiful and green environment of 21,000 square kilometers with elevations ranging from 2,400 to 7,000 meters. Surrounding the Dzogchen Elementary School are thousands of snow mountains, hundreds of wonderful lakes, and dozens of waterfalls and hot springs. More than 12,000 people live in the Holy Dzogchen Area, comprising about 2,000 families.



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