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Helping Tibetan Children

Children are the future of Tibet.
They need your help.


Why We Need To Help The Children of Tibet Now!

We have started an educational and health development project for children in the Holy Dzogchen Area of Tibet. There is a pressing need for fundamental education to guarantee a stable future for Tibetan children.

The economic system, infrastructure, and housing situation in the Holy Dzogchen Area of Tibet have remained unchanged for many years. Poverty has spread dramatically, and many local peoples’ basic needs have not been met. Their living conditions are difficult. Many families do not have adequate food, clothing, or access to medicine. Most children have no opportunity to attend school. We are worried about this critical situation and are seeking support to preserve this priceless heritage.

We need emergency help. The young children of Tibet are dying from ordinary flu and common colds. Children are exposed daily to toxic chemicals from improperly using modern society’s products that contain poisons. There is not understanding of the harmful and deadly effects to their bodies from ingesting poisons and drinking contaminated water. Every year, many children die from liver and lung diseases. The Tibetan children are very poor and are in dire need of nutritious food, pure water, warm clothing, and basic health services.

View Photo Gallery of Tibetan Children

The Beginning of a Solution

Since 1995, the local people have asked Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche and Arik Gyatrul Rinpoche many times to extend help to the children of the Holy Dzogchen Area. Rinpoche is extremely concerned about the future of these precious children.

About the Dzogchen Elementary School

In 1996, a building was purchased to become the Dzogchen Elementary School. This area is a naturally beautiful and green environment of 21,000 square kilometers with elevations ranging from 2,400 to 7,000 meters. Surrounding the Dzogchen Elementary School are thousands of snow mountains, hundreds of wonderful lakes, and dozens of waterfalls and hot springs. More than 12,000 people live in the Holy Dzogchen Area, comprising about 2,000 families. Sixty percent are nomads and live in yak hair tents while forty percent are cultural artisans who live in stone and wooden houses. Many holy Tibetans came from this region, including the most famous Tibetan King, Gesar Ling, who was born twenty-five kilometers from the Dzogchen Elementary School. In 2001, the United Nations declared his life story to be the world’s longest biography. The people of the Holy Dzogchen Area have a reputation for being very kind, hardworking, and committed to Tibetan culture. They are extremely hospitable and generous.

Dzogchen Buddha Foundation

The Dzogchen Buddha Foundation is a US- based, non-profit religious organization witha focus of directly aiding Tibetan children who are in great need of assistance.

Everything that happens at Dzogchen Elementary School is dependent upon the compassion and devotion of generous members, friends, and well-wishers.

The Dzogchen Elementary School cannot function without donations from people like you. We invite the assistance of generous individuals, corporations, and charitable organizations that want to make a difference in the lives of children. We welcome your generosity and kind support.

Every year, upon receipt of your donation, you will be sent a Thank You letter and lovely photos of the children that you have assisted. They will always remember your kindness.

Making a Donation

There are several ways that you may make a donation. You may donate online through PayPal's online secure payment system. To do so, click the following button:

To donate via check, send a check made payable to "DBF" to the following address:

Dzogchen Buddha Foundation
1430 Willamette St. #11
Eugene, OR 97401 USA

Please contact us with questions, or for more information at:

Tel: 541-345-9850    Or send an email.


How Much of Your Donation Goes To The Children?

Under the guidance of Dzogchen Khenpo Choga Rinpoche and care of Shoman Maritech and Alexia Moore, our organization, the Dzogchen Buddha Foundation, is staffed totally by volunteers. No one receives salaries, so 100% of the donations go directly to the Dzogchen Elementary School. Still, donations have never been adequate to meet all financial needs and, as a result, the school has sometimes nearly closed. Therefore, we deeply request the assistance of all individuals, businesses and charitable organizations that would like to help Tibetan Children.

The Current Project

  • If you would like to volunteer funds or your professional services, please contact us.

How You Can Make A Difference In A Child’s Life

  1. You can sponsor a child by donating $20 per month. You can decide how many children that you wish to sponsor and for how long. One child for one year equals $240.

  2. You can make a donation for whatever amount of money you would like to contribute and, if you would like, you may earmark your donations for a specific project.

Children are in school eight hours a day, five days a week. Children are off from school during summer vacation for one and a half months, during winter vacation for one month and on a few other national holidays.The Dzogchen Elementary School cannot function without the donations of generous individuals, corporations, and charitable organizations that want to make a difference in the lives of children. Thank you for your loving kindness.

For more information, please contact us:

Dzogchen Buddha Foundation
1430 Willamette St. #11
Eugene, OR 97401 USA
Tel: 541-345-9850
Web: http://www.dzogchenlineage.org/children


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