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Scholarship Established for the Dzogchen Internship

An important message to applicants for the Dzogchen Lineage Internship 2009

April 27, 2009

Inspired by the generosity displayed toward young Dharma students by Chris Carelli, we are pleased to announce the first annual Chris Carelli Future Bodhisattvas Scholarship.

This independently-funded award of $1,000 will be given to one intern each year to assist that individual in attending Dzogchen Khenpo Chöga Rinpoche’s incredible Dzogchen Internship program.

In order to be considered for this scholarship, please submit an essay of no less than 1,000 but no more than 1,600 words to ccscholarship@gmail.com. Your essay should address the following:

  • Why is this internship important for you to attend?
  • How would this scholarship benefit you financially? (i.e., explain financial need)
  • How will you use the knowledge and experience gained in this internship to benefit all beings?

The essay should be submitted no later than May 22, 2009. Please include your contact information in this email as well. The recipient will be notified no later than May 26, 2009. Please direct questions about this scholarship to ccscholarship@gmail.com.

The Chris Carelli Future Bodhisattvas Scholarship is an independent scholarship that is paid for by private donors and is not a scholarship paid for by the organizer of the Internship, the Dzgochen Shri Singha Foundation (DSSF). DSSF has no role in the granting or funding of the scholarship.

Please also note that DSSF is already providing a built-in scholarship for ALL interns by setting Dzogchen Internship fees at a level that merely covers operating expenses. The Internship program is made available to ALL interns at a price per month that is lower than the price of the average week-long retreat for many other U.S. retreat programs.

Apply for The Chris Carelli Future Bodhisattvas Scholarship by following the instructions above, and be sure you also have registered for the Dzogchen Internship at: www.dzogchenlineage.org/internship.

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